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Tips Before Childbirth

Here are some great childbirth tips which can help you have the best possible birth. I used these things to prepare for the birth of my 5th child. I implemented all of these ideas at the end of my pregnancy, and ended up having the best labor and delivery experience of all five of my births.
Childbirth Tips
Drink Raspberry Leaf Tea
Go Swimming
Sit Up – Don’t Recline
Crawl on your hands and knees
Take Chlorophyll
Get Chiropractic Adjustments
My 5th birth was the fastest and easiest of all. My cervix dilated from 4cm to 10 cm in an hour. I pushed my baby’s head out in one contraction, and then the rest of her body out in the next. Fast and easy!

So how did these childbirth tips help me to have a very fast and easy birth?

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea.
I drank 3 cups of Raspberry Leaf Tea  a day. I was sure to get the Raspberry LEAF  tea (NOT raspberry flavored tea). Raspberry Leaf Tea  helps to strengthen and tone the uterus. This makes for stronger and more effective contractions during labor. Hint: It’s also good for easing menstrual cramps.
One of the childbirth tips I had not tried before was swimming. I wanted baby to be in the best position possible, and she was somewhat posterior (which produces back labor). So at 37 weeks, I started swimming 3 mornings a week. I typically don’t swim, but I joined a club just for the last few weeks of my pregnancy because I read that swimming helps to move baby into an optimal position in the birth canal. The better positioning that baby has in the birth canal, the faster labor can go. Worked for me 🙂
No reclining in bed, on the couch, or in chairs.
I propped pillows behind my back to sit upright. Reclining tends to allow baby to go into a posterior position, and if baby is posterior going into labor, then mom experiences back labor (no fun). I’ve had 4 babies that were posterior prior to labor starting. With baby #4, she was posterior, but I rocked on a special rocker for turning posterior babies, every day and she turned before going into labor.
Crawling on hands and knees
Crawling was, once again, to help position baby optimally in the birth canal. I crawled around on the floor on hands and knees, to help baby move into the best position for labor and delivery. Thankfully the Olympics were on, so I enjoyed lots of good TV time with my family – and had lots of opportunities to crawl around.
I took Chlorophyll  3 times a day because I was anemic and trying to build up the iron in my blood. This was at the midwife’s suggestion. I also took Red Raspberry Leaf tea according to the directions on the box, to tone my uterus so that labor would faster and easier. I was sure to get the Raspberry LEAF  tea (NOT raspberry flavored tea).
Both of these items really helped me during labor, and I am thankful that I had been drinking the tea and taking the chlorophyll in advance. The raspberry leaf tea helped my uterus to clamp down well after labor (important to limit bleeding), and the chlorophyll helped my iron level in my blood to be good.