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How to Make Daddy Feel Involved in the Pregnancy: Miracle Pregnancy

There are many times when daddy might feel left out of the pregnancy since he is unable to share the same ups and downs that mommy is. There are times when you need to help him by allowing him to feel the way that the baby is moving and kicking. Keeping daddy involved early on is one job that mommy has.

Have Open Communication

There is no way that your child’s father is going to know what is going on without you telling him. This would include that you should tell him about the different changes that you have while you are pregnant. Of course there are some details that you might want to leave out but letting him know about the baby’s growth from week to week and interesting things that you read can be helpful.

If you find something really interesting about your pregnancy then this is the type of information that you must share. You should explain how you feel and ask him how he feels when you talk about new things you learn. Most of the time women do not think to ask men about their feelings because they are not open with them.

Now some women might feel that they should have their husband at every doctor’s appointment but this is not necessary. Since most of them are just basic there is no reason that you should do anything other than talk to him about the things that the doctor and the whole discussion. Tell him about how the baby is doing after each appointment.

Now while dad is likely to not care about the routine appointments you should make sure that he is at the ones with the ultrasounds if at all possible. This is something that no dad wants to miss. Since dad does not get to feel the baby like you do this is one way for him to truly realize how real that little life is.

Investing In a Fetal Doppler

There are some other ways in which you can help dad to connect with the baby and purchasing a fetal Doppler is just one of them. The price is really quite small in comparison to the joy that daddy will have when he gets to hear the heartbeat. It is also sweet for mommy to see daddy turning into mush as he listens to his baby.

Classes Can Really Help

No man is going to act excited about having to go to prenatal classes but you should make him go with you. He needs to be your main support system when it comes to labor and delivery and he needs to know a lot of information that can be taught at these classes.

Even though he might not act interested in them he is going to enjoy them more than he might let on. Men are often encouraged not to talk about these things so you have to let him know how important he is to you during this time and how much you need him.

Even When You Can’t Tell Men Are Excited About the Pregnancy

There are few dads that are not just as excited about moms even if they are not outwardly showing it. The first time that you see him hold the baby you will instantly be able to see how excited he truly was.

Remember that dad is probably just as excited about the things that you are excited about doing with the baby. You should ask them how they feel about baby purchases. If your husband is not a shopper and would really hate going to the store to shop for baby goods then talk about them first and go alone and make purchases that you had previously discussed. There are a ton of clothing options that say things like “Daddy’s Little Champ” or “Daddy’s Little Princess” so buying some of these will help dad to feel included.

Keeping in mind that things that you find important are going to be important to him as well is a good idea. Of course your pregnancy will make you more emotional and there are times when you are not going to feel like doing the things that he wants you to do. So making sure that he is more involved and understands why you are feeling worn out is important for your relationship as well.

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