Feed with Love

Help Your Baby Be a Healthy Eater

Bring your baby to the table to join in at family mealtimes. Babies learn by watching others. Keep mealtimes pleasant. It is best if there are no toys or television to distract your baby. Talk to your baby quietly and encourage him while he is eating. Do not pressure your baby to eat. This can make him refuse food even more and may lead to feeding problems.
Always stay with your baby when he eats. Let your baby explore his food with his hands. Let your baby feed himself with his fingers or a spoon when he is able. Let your baby decide how much to eat. Never pressure your baby to eat more than he wants. Do not restrict the amount you give her to eat when she seems hungry. It is normal for babies to eat different amounts of food each day.
It is alright if your baby refuses a meal or two. Be patient with new foods. You may need to try new foods many times on different days. Do not use games to get your baby to eat. Never force food into your baby’s mouth. Never use food as a reward or a punishment.
You and your baby’s responsibilities:
– You are responsible for what your baby is given to eat.
– You also decide where and when to feed your baby. Your baby is responsible for how much and even whether he eats.