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Have an alcohol-free pregnancy

The safest choice for you and your baby is not to drink any alcohol during your pregnancy. This article has recipes for delicious non-alcoholic drinks, also called Mocktails. Try some out. If you don’t have some of the ingredients on hand, make up your own recipes. Share your favourites with family and friends. Pregnant women […]

Baby-Proofing Your Nursery

Bookcases, armoires, chest of drawers, change tables and all large pieces of furniture should be anchored to the wall to prevent them from tipping over and falling on top of baby. DO NOT hang artwork or shelves above the crib or change table. If you are using a nightlight make sure that it remains cool […]

Benefits Of Swaddling Your Baby

There are many benefits to swaddling your baby, but incorrect swaddling can lead to serious health problems like hip dysplasia. Follow our tips to avoid these risks and get the most out of swaddling your baby. After years of encouraging parents to use swaddling as a way to calm infants, pediatricians are cautioning them against […]

Baby Fever

Finding yourself being hit with the urge to buy something – anything – for your baby-to-be? Sounds like you’ve been hit with a bad case of baby fever – a condition that tends to run rampant among mothers-to-be and that can be almost impossible to cure until your bank account runs dry and/or your credit […]

Baby Body Language: The Basics

Your baby didn’t come packaged with an owner’s manual, but her body language can tell you plenty, including what she wants and needs from you. Some of those early body signals are hard-wired — more instinctual than intentional — but as grows little older she’ll use her body language to communicate a whole lot more. […]

Help Your Baby Be a Healthy Eater

Bring your baby to the table to join in at family mealtimes. Babies learn by watching others. Keep mealtimes pleasant. It is best if there are no toys or television to distract your baby. Talk to your baby quietly and encourage him while he is eating. Do not pressure your baby to eat. This can […]

Tips Before Childbirth

Here are some great childbirth tips which can help you have the best possible birth. I used these things to prepare for the birth of my 5th child. I implemented all of these ideas at the end of my pregnancy, and ended up having the best labor and delivery experience of all five of my […]

How To Avoid Constipation During Pregnancy

It is Murphy’s law that just when you are able to get food into your body without having it come back up, that you suddenly find you cannot get the food out of your body.  Nearly half of all the women who are pregnant suffer from constipation during pregnancy. As with all symptoms of pregnancy […]

Bloody Good Science

A Life-Line for a Lifetime Umbilical cords are routinely thrown away every day. Most parents don’t realize that the blood left in the umbilical cord contains stem cells that have been used successfully to treat more than 45 different medical disorders. Gradually more Canadian parents are choosing to store their baby’s cord blood stem cells. […]